Ford F-150

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Full-Size 1/2-Ton Pickup


Ford F-150

For the third consecutive year, the Ford F-150 triumphed in the Full-Size 1/2-Ton Pickup segment of the Vincentric Best CPO Value in Canada™ awards. Having the lowest maintenance and insurance costs in its class helped lead the F-150 to the top of the 2020 podium.


Value Rating Graph 

The 2020 Vincentric Best CPO Value in Canada Awards are based on the average of all trim levels for each model from the 2015-2019 model years. Costs are based on 5 years of ownership with annual mileage of 20,000 kilometers. Graph shown is a visual representation of the actual results, but may not reflect the exact calculations. To learn more about this graph and how Vincentric measures value, click here.