Vincentric is ready to help your dealership sell more vehicles. Whether your customers value third-party validation and awards in order to decide which vehicle to buy, or they want to see a vehicle's specifics like maintenance, insurance, and depreciation costs, Vincentric can support your store's needs throughout the sales process. Choose Vincentric and start using the most effective method to quickly sell your vehicles today!

                  Advertising Support

Third-party awards and validation claims can be essential in automotive marketing and advertising. Vincentric can aid in dealer-specific advertising efforts by providing award graphics, trophy images, and other items necessary to add power and effectiveness to your advertising. Have your advertising manager or agency contact us today to learn which of your products have won Vincentric awards and how they can support your sales efforts.  
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                   Sales Closing Tool
Vincentric can help dealers increase their fleet and retail sales using the unique online life-cycle cost tool, Vincentric Dynamic Cost to Own. Using the detailed cost of ownership data, dealers are able to identify key advantages to their vehicles, such as lower maintenance or depreciation costs compared to competitors. Most importantly, this tool can help your sales person avoid lowering the sales price to close the sale.