As the leading provider of cost-of-ownership data for the automotive industry, Vincentric offers automotive cost-of-ownership data for virtually all mass produced light-duty vehicles sold in the new, used, and certified pre-owned Canadian markets. This information is compiled at the provincial level, and combined to create a national database, with results based on Canada specific vehicles and costs measured in Canadian dollars.


 This data is valuable for all sectors of the automotive industry, including:





 A key feature of the Vincentric data is the ability to measure ownership costs at a variety of lifecycle terms and annual driving distances.  Our Canadian database can be accessed at the following intervals:


  • Lifecycle Terms:  Any term between 6 months and 84 months.
  • Annual Driving Distance:  Any distance between 10,000 kilometers and 60,000 kilometers per year.


Costs are measured at all timeframes/intervals for each of the following cost components:


Depreciation  Insurance
Fees & Taxes Maintenance
Financing Opportunity Cost
Fuel Repairs


Are you interested in learning more about each of these cost components?  Visit our Canadian Data Compilation overview page.


ACCESSING THE DATA - Vincentric data is typically accessed using one of the following approaches:

  • Vincentric Web Service Technology: Get "on-demand" access to the Vincentric data so that you always have the most up-to-date information without the need to host the data yourself.
  • Monthly Data Delivery: Receive monthly data feeds via our secure ftp service.
  • Dynamic Cost to Own: Use Dynamic Cost to Own, our web-based lifecycle cost calculator for Canada.


Contact us to learn more about how the Vincentric Canadian Cost of Ownership data can help you, your business and your customers make informed and effective decisions.   


To view the press release announcing our Canadian Cost of Ownership database, click here.


Did You Know?

Vincentric analyzes over 2,400 vehicle configurations to determine the Best Value in Canada Awards for the fleet, consumer, and CPO market.