With hundreds of vehicles in the fleet market to choose from,  selecting the best vehicle to meet your needs can be a challenge. Whether you are buying, leasing, or selling a vehicle, access to the most accurate information available is necessary to make informed decisions with confidence. 


With the innovative capabilities of the Vincentric data, fleet dealers, vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators and fleet management/leasing companies can access unique and useful data for over 2,000 vehicle configurations per model year, updated monthly. 


Vincentric data can be supplied using four different approaches:


  • Monthly data feed transmitted via our secure ftp site

  • Hosted data in which we transmit an XML feed to your server

  • Hosted web pages in which Vincentric data is framed within your web site.

  • Dynamic Cost to Own: Fleet Edition, our online lifecycle cost calculator which enables users to determine driver-specific costs based on unique variables for each market and driver.


Our support includes:


  • A product team to support you as you launch Vincentric data on your site

  • A technical team to support and facilitate the integration of Vincentric data or hosted solutions into your site

  • A customer service team to manage the ongoing relationship between the organizations


Because Vincentric data is the most complete and comprehensive cost-of-ownership information in the industry, users can derive numerous benefits.


User Key Benefit
Fleet Operators Save money on your fleet costs by selecting vehicles that have the lowest total cost-of-ownership
Fleet Management/ Leasing Companies Identify the most cost-effective vehicles for your clients' fleets
Vehicle Manufacturers Fleet Sales - Prove that your vehicles costs less to own and operate over time
Fleet Dealers Hold the line on price, using factual data to demonstrate the value of your products


To learn more about our Dynamic Cost to Own system or how Vincentric data can help you and your business, contact us today.


Did You Know?
  • The Vincentric Dynamic Cost to Own software is available for online access 24/7.