To support your effort to maximize sales for each of your vehicles, it is helpful to have access to all available tools.


Because Vincentric completely recompiles its data each month, you and your buyers have access to cost of ownership data for newly launched vehicles as they are released.  This enables you to support existing vehicles, new vehicle launches, and new model launches as they occur.


This support can take a variety of forms, including:


  • Product Planning and Strategy - Using Cost of Ownership data to evaluate vehicles prior to launch is powerful use of cost of ownership data.
  • Dealer Support: Retail Closing Tool – Are your dealers looking for more ammunition to help drive new sales.  We can work with you to provide them access to Dynamic Cost to Own, the lifecycle cost tool that can help dealers close sales.
  • PR Support – Are you looking for key talking points for each of your vehicles?  Let Vincentric and its analysts review your product line and identify key cost of ownership facts that support your core message.


To learn more about how Vincentric data can help your sales efforts, contact us to take the first step in making it happen.